The African church was founded on October 13,1901 partly for the reasons for the reasons stated in the preceding paragraphs but definitely as a result of the dispute which arose at breadfruit church, Lagos between the parishioners at the time was no other person than the late Elder(chief)J. k Coker, who was also the people’s warden. The dispute in question was over the transfer/redeployment of Revd.J.J. Johnson who had just been consecrated an assistant Bishop of the Niger without adequate arrangement being made for his abode and other necessary comfort in his new District. Bishop J.J. Johnson who was still in England had not even arrived back when his transfer was announced to the congregation of Breadfruit church, where he was, prior to his departures overseas, the vicar-in-charge. The church committee was therefore asked to allow Bishop J.J. Johnson to continue his pastoral care at St. Paul’s Breadfruit for some time till such a time that some arrangement would be made for his comfort in his new abode. Not only that their pleading fell on deaf ears, but Bishop J.J. Johnson’s pastoral care of St. Paul’s was terminated immediately and Revd. N. Johnson was appointed instead. In addition, his sister who was at the time staying at the vicarage, was forcibly ejected by the Church authorities.

This actually angered the people who later took a resolute decision to break away from the Anglican Church to establish a church they could call their own. They eventually found the African church and held their first service at Rose Cottage, Marina, then the residence of Elder (Chief)J.K. Coker who became the Chief of the founders of African Church at the age of 36 years. However, in spite of his tender age as well as those of most of his colleagues, the trainings which he had earlier received from Bishop J.J. Johnson when the latter was at Abeokuta, coupled with his administrative experience as the peoples’ warden of St. Paul’s Church Breadfruit, stood him in good stead in later years.

At the time trouble broke out at Breadfruit Church,Lagos,St. Jude’s Church,Ebute-metta,and the former were being administered from Breadfruit church,Lagos,both belonging to the same Native Pastorate Churches and under the surveillance of Bishop Oluwole-the Assistant Bishop to Tugwell.